Why try the wreckers?

If you're in the market for a new gearbox, engine or other major parts for your vehicle, you might find your way to your local auto wreckers. More and more people are buying their auto parts at the wreckers, and for good reason too. Here's why.

First, auto wreckers can get you genuine parts at far below the cost of new parts. In any car that's not brand new, replacing worn or damaged parts with second hand ones is just plain good sense. If your car is an older model, your wreckers can offer you parts of the same vintage. When the parts your drop into your car are designed to match they'll work better, causing you less trouble in the long run.

If you car, van or ute is a common make, you'll be spoiled for choice when looking at second hand auto parts, with wreckers making their daily bread cleaning, testing and recycling parts from Fords and Holdens, Mazdas, Mitsubishis, Nissans, Hyundais, Daewoos and Kias. In fact, most auto wreckers are so confident in their products that they'll also offer you a warranty with the parts you buy, giving you peace of mind.

But buying second hand auto parts doesn't just benefit you. Every year, millions of cars are trashed across the world and, with the state of the environment on everyone's mind, recycling has never been more important. Most major car manufacturers design and produce parts that were never meant to be thrown away after one use. In fact, the big automotive companies build their cars to last, factoring in future recycling.

Many auto wreckers can also offer you brand new parts, as well as rebuilt parts, in which the worn components have been replaced or repaired. Auto wreckers are also a great source of aftermarket parts, or parts created for your vehicle's make and model after it was originally released for sale by the manufacturer.

So where do auto wreckers get their auto parts? Well, some come from private sales, while many are salvaged from insurance companies. It's no surprise that smash repairers and mechanics commonly shop for parts at the wreckers too.

Sourcing your auto parts from the wreckers offers you the opportunity to save big on expensive repairs, including engines, differential replacements and transmissions, while finding all those smaller and hard to replace pieces like headlights, panels, starters and air conditioners at a fraction of the cost of new parts, and often without waiting. In fact, the next time your car hits a snag, you'd be a fool not to try your local wreckers.


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