5 De-icing Habits That Damage Windshields

Have you ever wondered why the windshield of your car develops cracks and other defects during or after winter? Read on and discover some windshield de-icing habits that may be predisposing that windshield to being damaged.

Using Hot Water

Some people may pour hot water onto the windshield in order to make the ice on it melt quickly. Such a rapid temperature change usually weakens the windshield. The windshield will then develop cracks easily if any other stress, such as road debris, acts upon it.

Using Metallic Objects

It is also unwise to use any metallic object, such as the car keys or ice picks, to remove the snow which has formed on a windshield. Such objects can damage the windshield even if you take precautions to safeguard the glass while you remove the ice. Instead, use plastic tools for this task.

Placing Antifreeze in Windscreen Fluid

Avoid putting engine coolant/antifreeze in the container that holds the water which cleans the windshield. Antifreeze contains several ingredients that may weaken the materials from which auto glass is made. Buy a specially formulated product for keeping windshield cleaning fluid free from ice formation.

Using Acidic Products

Some people may be tempted to pour rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and other acidic substances on a windscreen in order to keep it free from ice. Such products should be avoided because they will gradually damage that windscreen. Those acidic products will also affect the paintwork and the metallic components that they contact.

Not Waiting

It is very bad for you to try and remove the ice on a windscreen before you see signs that the ice has partially melted. Ice that hasn't started melting may have formed a very strong bond with the windshield glass. Trying to force it off is a sure way to damage or weaken the windshield. It is therefore wise to be patient and take steps to start the melting process before you try to get rid of that ice. For example, you can start the car engine and use the windscreen defroster to warm the auto glass before you start using a plastic brush to extract the ice.

Which of the bad habits above are you guilty of? Adopt better habits so that you reduce the frequency of having to repair or replace the windshield on your vehicle during or after the cold months of the year. Consult auto glass repair professionals about the appropriateness of repairing any defect before you spend money and time trying to fix defects that can't be fixed.

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