Commonly Asked Questions on Suspension Bushes

Your vehicle's suspension plays two vital roles. First, it allows you to have full control of the car by ensuring that the car's handling is at its best. Secondly, the suspension is also responsible for ride comfort. It absorbs the lumps and bumps on the road while the occupants sit comfortably in the passenger and driver's cabin. The suspension comprises many parts such as shock absorbers and bushes. Here are some of the commonly asked questions on suspension bushes to help you gain insight:

What Do Suspension Bushes Do?

Vehicle suspension is made of strong metals to ensure durability and reliability. Metal joints aren't good at absorbing shock, and this is where the bushes come in handy. The bushes are rubber parts fitted between two or more metal suspension parts. Their work is to make sure that the metal parts can bounce around safely with the least amount of noise. The rubber material mitigates the impact of uneven surfaces and absorbs all the vibrations that would have been transferred to the occupants' cabin.

What Are the Signs of Worn Suspension Bushes?

When your suspension bushes wear out, you will be able to tell by looking out for some common signs and symptoms. The first one is poor handling of the vehicle. There will be a significant change in how your steering wheel responds to your commands. An often smooth, sporty and highly responsive steering becomes difficult and uncomfortable to steer when the car has worn bushes.  

Cracks are another indication of worn bushes. With time the vibrations get to the rubber and gradually lower its tensile strength. The bushes begin to fissure at the point where it joins with the metallic suspension parts. Lastly, you are likely to hear rattling and clanking every time you drive on a bumpy ride.

What Makes Bushes Wear Out?

There are many reasons your suspension bushes won't live forever. First, they are installed on the lower sections of the car. Therefore, these rubber joints have to deal with all the dirt and grime that comes their way. Secondly, driving habits also hasten the rate at which bushes wear out. For instance, driving fast over a set of rubble strips increases the rate at which the suspension vibrates. This shortens the life of the suspension. Always ride over such bumps at the lowest possible speed if you want to minimise the cost of replacing bushes and other parts of the suspension. 

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