Commonly Asked Questions About Replacing a Vehicle's Tyres

When it comes to keeping your vehicle in good running condition, and ensuring you have full control over the vehicle at all times, you may forget the importance of the tyres you have installed on your car or truck. Any vehicle's tyres will affect its overall handling and performance, as poor-quality tyres may cause drag while driving and especially when accelerating, and may do little to cushion your ride. To ensure you choose the right tyres for your car or truck, note a few questions you might have about replacing a vehicle's tyres, and this can help you to narrow down those choices.

Can you install larger or smaller tyres on a vehicle?

It's usually not recommended that you install tyres that are larger or smaller than what the manufacturer recommends, as a car may become off-balanced if the tyres are too large, and this might affect its handling. Tyres that are undersized won't be able to cushion the car properly, and this can put added wear and tear on the axle and other parts of the vehicle. If you want to lift or lower the body of your vehicle for any reason, change the shocks and springs rather than the tyres.

Can you mix different sizes or treads of tyres?

Some vehicles are manufactured specifically to allow for different sizes of tyres on the front versus the back, but it's not typically recommended that you mix the tyre tread or tyre size in any other way. The tread of tyre affects how well the tyre pushes through snow and mud, how it works to stop the car when you brake, and whether or not it causes drag when you accelerate. Having different tread designs on the tyres can then mean that one tyre pulls excessively, or tries to rotate more often than the other tyres. This also causes excessive wear and tear on all the steering components, and on the tyres themselves.

What's wrong with restored or used tyres?

Tyres are usually removed from a vehicle for a reason, and restoring or repairing them doesn't typically make them brand new again! The internal damage that tyres suffer even from normal wear and tear can make a used tyre downright dangerous to install, and you may be risking a blowout or sudden flat if you were to install a restored tyre on your car. It's often better to invest in the highest quality new tyre you can afford instead.

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