What You Should Know About Vehicle Rego Inspections

A vehicle rego inspection may be required for your vehicle before you can get that registration renewed. It's important that you understand all the details involved in this type of inspection, so you know to get it scheduled in time to have any needed repairs done, and before your current registration expires. Note a few factors to keep in mind about a vehicle rego inspection, and call your registration office or visit their website if you're still unsure of your requirements in this regard.

State to state

The requirements for a rego inspection and for a vehicle's qualifications to be registered will be similar, but will still vary from state to state. This is vital to understand, as you are typically allowed to drive a vehicle from one state to the next without having to get special paperwork, but if you move from one state to another, your vehicle may need a rego inspection. This is despite the vehicle's age or condition, and despite whether or not it passed a rego inspection in your home state. Whatever the case, call your local state office if you've moved to a new state and ask their requirements for getting your vehicle inspected in order to have it registered with your new home address.

What they check

A rego inspection may check things you don't expect, such as mirrors, seatbelts, tyres and even headlights and windshield wipers. It may not occur to you that small things like these affect the car's overall safety and drivability, but being able to easily see out the car and to the back of the car, and keep the windscreen clean, affect your driving. If you're in doubt about your car's overall condition, ask an authorized inspector for a list of items that will be checked during an inspection.

Yes, you do need to pay for the inspection

A rego inspection may be required by the state, but it's not paid for by the state! This inspection is just part of your cost of ownership of the vehicle. Also, note that you need to pay for the inspection even if the vehicle fails, although you may be able to have the same inspector check the vehicle for free after repairs are made. Don't assume that this means you'll get "ripped off" by an inspector, however, as not all inspectors actually repair the items on your vehicle that are damaged, and they cannot insist that you take your car to their garage or to one that they recommend for repairs.

Contact a vehicle registration inspection service for more information and assistance. 

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