Trailer Towing Tips for the First-Time Trailer Owner

If you're thinking of purchasing a trailer of any sort, and are new to actually towing a trailer behind your vehicle, you want to take your time to shop for all the specific parts you need, and to learn how to properly hitch and then tow that trailer. This will ensure you keep yourself safe when on the road, and will also help to avoid unnecessary damage to the trailer or your tow vehicle. Note a few trailer buying and towing tips for the first-time owner, and discuss these tips with a trailer salesperson or even your vehicle's mechanic as needed.

Buying the hitch

Note that a ball hitch is classified by a trailer's gross weight, and also by the trailer's size or height. Buying a hitch mount that is too low for your intended trailer can mean having the trailer dip toward the front, and one that is too high will push your trailer upward, causing it to deep to the rear. Be sure you check the height of your trailer and hitch mount classification accordingly, rather than just choosing by the trailer's gross weight alone.

Weight distribution system

Obviously it's ideal if the weight of the items being towed are distributed evenly across the trailer, to keep the trailer from skidding, sliding, or tipping. However, this may not be possible with some loads that are awkwardly designed or unevenly weighted for any reason. Simply loading your trailer with these types of items can make you unsafe on the road, as mentioned, and cause damage to the trailer axle and its tyres, so consider a weight distribution system. This is attached to the trailer to help absorb and disperse uneven weights, spreading that weight across the trailer evenly, to ensure easier stopping and starting when on the road.


You'll want to inspect all parts of your trailer on a regular basis for needed repair, but note that the tyres can be an indicator of needed maintenance on the trailer. If you keep the tyres properly inflated and aligned, but notice that one wears down more quickly than the others, this can mean that the trailer axle is bent, or the weight is always unevenly loaded, as mentioned above. Overly worn tyres can also indicate drag from the trailer, which might be caused by a damaged braking system. If you notice any such persistent damage to the trailer tyres, take the trailer in for an inspection and trailer repairs as needed.

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