Why Interstate Machinery Transport Is Absolutely Vital For Your Business

There are dozens of industries across Australia that use some type of machinery. From something as small as a 3D printer to engines as large as a house, there are many different types of machines, and usually, they will have to be moved at least once during their life. Trying to organise this transport on your own can certainly be tempting. You get to save a few bucks, and you have a good chance of making it in one piece. However, all the experts use interstate machinery transport services from heavy haulage companies, and here are a few reasons why that is.

Personalised Needs

When you use an interstate machinery transport company they first will take a long look at what you intend to move. From the dimensions to the mass and everything else about it they will quickly work out how they can actually transport it. Whether that means hiring support vehicles to warn traffic or the ability to better secure the load to the middle of the truck, there are a lot of little adjustments that can and will be made to make sure nothing untoward happens to your precious machinery during transportation.

Range Of Vehicles

Trying to use a vehicle that is not especially suited for machinery transport might seem possible, but it is certainly not advisable. An ordinary truck can haul most goods, but does it have enough restraint points to keep your machinery still? Is the entrance wide enough to comfortably move the machinery inside and out without scratching it? Does the weight of the machinery affect the suspension of the vehicle, leading to a bumpier ride? Whatever the problem is, interstate machinery transport companies have a fleet of vehicles prepared to handle it. Rather than playing a guessing game of what you need, go with a company you can be confident has the right tools.


If something were to happen to your machinery mid-transport, there is every possibility that you alone would be held fiscally responsible for it should you transport it by yourself. This can be a huge cost and one that your regular insurance would not cover. Luckily, with a specialised haulage company, you know that your item is always safely protected from damage. This assurance can quite literally save your company from ruin, should something happen, as the costs could otherwise spiral out of control. Trust the experts with insurance with your machinery and there is no way you can lose. 

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