Heavy Hauling: Find the Right Trailer With These Tips

Transporting oversized cargo like mobile houses, boats, and heavy pieces of machinery can be complex. That's because, unlike regular hauling, moving large and heavy loads from one point to another involves many things. Typically, oversized shipments will require keen attention to details, special handling, acquisition of permits, and optimising routes because you won't be able to transport them on just every road due to their weight and size.

Fortunately, many heavy haulage companies exist, and they are the perfect solution for your heavy haulage needs. However, choosing a heavy haulage company requires careful consideration of several factors. For instance, you will need to evaluate the company's fleet because there's usually no one-type-fits-all for haulage trucks and trailers due to unique load configurations. Therefore, this guide details some considerations to make when selecting heavy haulage trailers.


Heavy haul shipments or freight typically require proper paperwork and permits. Generally, these permit requirements are necessary to ensure your oversized cargo is safe and legal, and they vary from one jurisdiction to another. Permits are essential because they can determine the kind of truck or trailer you can hire for your heavy haulage needs.

For instance, depending on where you intend to move your cargo, there could be restrictions on bridge height, vehicle weight, number of axles needed on the trailer or truck, etc. Therefore, it would be best to determine what permit requirements you need beforehand to avoid delays, fines, or spending more than you should on the haulage.

Load Capacity

Load capacity is another crucial component to keep in mind when looking for a heavy haulage trailer. That's because heavy haulage trailers can only haul loads up to a maximum weight, so it's crucial to get your measurements and estimations right. Generally, determining the ideal trailer capacity requires assessing several factors. For instance, the size and weight of your load will play one of the most crucial roles here.

Once you determine your shipment's dimensions and weight, it would also be necessary to ask about the overall weight that the trailer can safely carry. Undersizing or oversizing the trailer has consequences. For instance, undersizing a heavy haulage trailer means it won't be adequate for your load, and you may have to hire a different one, causing delays. On the other hand, a larger trailer than is necessary will be expensive and may come with more travel restrictions and permit requirements due to the size and weight. Therefore, evaluate your needs and only choose a trailer that's only slightly larger than what you think you will need.

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